UNECE Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets:

Sound rules to improve the real estate sector and promote economic growth

Moscow, 27 January 2012

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) has recently released a document to serve as a support tool to the member States to promote a policy framework for the development of the real estate sector so to minimize the impacts of the present financial crisis. The UNECE/REM event, organized by World Bank in cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Economy will introduce and explain the Russian version of Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets: Principles and Guidance for the development of a country’s real estate sector.

Starting from the Principles of UNECE/REM’s document, and by comparisons with other countries, the event aims to offer considerations on the legal framework allowing the real estate sector to become more efficient, competitive and even more attractive to foreign investors thus contributing to the Country’s further economic and social development.

The target is to provide, with a holistic approach, some inputs to have a more efficient and competitive sector, with social and economic benefits for the Country and for the private sector.

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Policy Framework for Sustainable Real Estate Markets
Principles and guidance for the development of a country's real estate sector